Get An Unfair Advantage With Google Ads

Launch & Scale Faster With

The Ultimate Google Marketing Toolkit

Launch & Scale Faster With The Ultimate Google Marketing Toolkit

Streamline workflow & maximize ROI with done-for-you templates, checklists, audits, guides and more.

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Trusted by over 1000 marketers, business owners and agencies.

Save Time

Increase Profits

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The Ultimate Toolkit For Launching Consistently Profitable Google Ad Campaigns.

Struggling to see results from Google Ads?

Google Ads can be an extremely profitable marketing channel, but it needs to be used the right way.

The templates in this toolkit were created to get our team up to speed quickly on the most important parts of the Google Ads process.

By focusing on these key areas, we started seeing exponential results with our ads, leading us to create The Ad Savvy Google Ads Toolkit -

A collection of templates, checklists and guides showing you exactly how to take control of your account to achieve consistently profitable Google Ads.

And today you can get access to this amazing resource for the extremely affordable price of just $67.

Imagine Waking Up Everyday To A Flood Of Sales From Highly Optimizied Google Ads.



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Here's What's Inside The Ad Savvy Google Ads Growth Toolkit

  • Key Performance Metrics: Get our custom built KPI Calculator to determine campaign profitability.

  • Keyword Research: Use our patented keyword research templates to set up your campaigns for success from the start.

  • Ad Copy: Make sure your ad copy is leading to profitable conversions with our ad copy templates and cheatsheets.

  • ​7 Figure Optimization Routines: Follow the daily/ weekly/ monthly/ quarterly routine we personally use to structure and schedule campaign, ad group and ad optimizations.

  • Bonus: Pre-launch preparation checklist, budget tracker, ad audit and more!

Key Performance Metrics

Keyword Research

Ad Copy


And Much More...

Trusted by Agencies, Entrepreneurs and Marketers

The Ad Savvy Google Ads Toolkit is a smarter way to grow your business using Google Ads.

Get step by step guides, templates and cheatsheets that you give you an instant playbook to launching and optimizing profitable Google Ad campaigns.

Forget about free resources and youtube tutorials with minimal information. Get things right from the start without wasting time and money.


Pre-Launch Preparation Checklist

Get your account ready for success. Use this comprehensive checklist to prepare your existing ad account for new campaigns. Get up and running the RIGHT way right from the start.


Budget Tracker

Good campaign management requires detailed tracking of budgets through various intervals. Use the budget tracker to ensure your campaigns are always on track for success.


Ad Audit

Figure out how well your ads are performing in real time. Audit your campaigns to make sure all your metrics on par with your key performance metrics.

Lifetime Access for just $67 👉

Lifetime Access for just $67 👇

Ad Savvy Google Ads Toolkit

Updated & Optimizied for 2024

$200 $67

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We created this toolkit to provide next-level value to anyone looking to get good at Google Ads. If you're unhappy with your purchase within the first 7 days, just let us know and we will give you your money back, no questions asked.


I’ve never used Google Ads before, will the toolkit work for me?

Absolutely, the resources are relevant for all levels of experience and come with detailed walkthroughs and guides.

What happens if Google changes their interface or algorithm?

If there is major change to the platform or algorithm, the content in the toolkit will be updated to be relevant to the changes. Since everything is hosted on Google Drive, all resources will be automatically updated for you.​

How long before I start seeing results?

The toolkit is designed so that you can start seeing results as fast as possible. That being said, results can and will vary based on lot of factors, but from what we’ve seen with past students, the fastest results come to those who implement and take action on the material.

How long do I have access to the content for?

Lifetime! And that includes any future updates that we will add over time. We love feedback and are always tweaking things to make sure our students get the best results from our products.

Can I write this off as a business expense?

Yes, as the toolkit is an educational product, you can write it off for tax purposes as a business expense.

Can I download and edit the files?

Yes of course! The templates and checklists are designed to be as actionable as possible, so you can make multiple copies and use them whenever you like.

What if I don't like it?

We created this program to provide crazy value to anyone looking to get profitable with Google Ads. If you're unhappy with your purchase within the first 7 days, just let us know and we will give you a full refund for your purchase.

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